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About Us

The Bank of Kremlin was chartered May 21, 1900 in Kremlin, Oklahoma Territory, seven years before statehood. The bank was founded to provide deposit, bank draft and lending services to the town and local agricultural community.

We believe our success is owed to our focus and dedication to customer service. We have experienced consistent growth and financial stability, especially over the past 40 years, and we plan to continue this for many years to come by serving our community and staying true to our customers. We have had the same ownership since 1976, making the Bank of Kremlin much more than a bank—it’s a local business, and we have personally invested 40 years into its success. We are here to help other local businesses succeed as well. As a Farm Service Agency (FSA) Preferred Lender, we take pride in the wide range of agricultural loans and services we offer.

Historical Timeline

  • May 1964: The bank moved into a newly constructed building in Kremlin.
  • October 1976: Current ownership purchased controlling interest in the bank.
  • April 1991: The data processing department moved from the Kremlin bank office to a separate building located in Kremlin.
  • 1992: Our first branch was opened in North Enid.
  • March 1994: Bank of Kremlin acquired First State Bank of Goltry, which was originally chartered in 1902.
  • June 1997: Bank of Kremlin became a member of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Topeka.
  • September 1998: Bank of Kremlin acquired the Bank of Drummond, which was originally chartered in 1908.
  • May 1999: Bank of Kremlin became a member of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.
  • August 2000: Bank of Kremlin received Preferred Lender Status from the Farm Service Agency.
  • September 2006: Our second Enid branch, located on North Oakwood Road, was opened.
  • 2006: Our data processing department was relocated from Kremlin to a new building in Enid.